Two cups Web Design, one cup Brand Identity, and a dash of Internet Marketing.

Addictive Design is a talented Website Design studio based in India. We make websites and design your graphics for a living & it´s what we are good at! Honestly!!.
We're helping transform the digital experience across multiple platforms—in Websites, Graphic Designing, Internet Marketing, 3D Animation, Web Applications and e-Learning among other areas. In each of our projects, we seamlessly integrate the highest levels of strategy, design, technology, animation and not to forget FUN because we simply love what we do!!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the latest technologies, modern styles and helpful services to everyone. We do so, in the hope of making the internet an enjoyable experience, more usable and better dressed!

We Mind Your Business!

Today's users are savvy and they're not going to hand over their email address and hard-earned cash to just any pretty face. Today, your business's website is one of the most important tools to stand out to potential customers, help existing customers, and essentially show yourself off to the world. We can help you by designing a website that suits your business's needs, and speaks to your customers. We strive to keep our designs clean, focused, and true to your image.
From logos to trade show booths and everything in between, Addictive Designs is well-versed in creating lasting impressions through smartly-crafted designs that help deliver your brand to the world. We know that different media require different approaches and we've got the know-how to translate small ideas into big solutions without missing a beat when it comes to creating Brand Identity.
We provide Web Applications for a variety of your needs. We can develop user-account based web applications. Our web design and development go hand-in-hand, so your finished project is a seamless experience.
E-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. E-Learning can include training, the delivery of just-in-time information and guidance from experts.

Its proven that Digital Learning makes it easier for Children and even Employees to grasp the concept in a better way.

Our services include both K-12 and Corporate Learning Solutions.

We make you and your business famous by getting the right kind of traffic to you by marketing your website to the search engines to gain visibility and traffic.

The ultimate goal of Internet Marketing is to increase traffic to your website. But not just any traffic. The customers that come to your website should be qualified, relevant, ready to purchase a product, download a demo, fill out a form, or whatever desired action is appropriate.

3D rendering is a creative process that is similar to photography or cinematography, because you are lighting and staging scenes and producing images. Unlike regular photography, however, the scenes being photographed are imaginary, and everything appearing in 3D rendering needs to be created (or re-created) in the computer before it can be rendered. This is a lot of work, but allows for an almost infinite amount of creative control over what appears in the scene, and how it is depicted. We specialize in 3d architectural rendering, modeling, animation & walkthroughs.

We don't just make websites for celebrities, but you'll feel like one.

Don't get us wrong but we're here to have your customers singing your praises, your competitors shaking in their boots, and your parents beaming with pride, but when the rubber meets the road, we're here to help kick your bottom line up another notch (or ten). Oh C'mon Keep it Simple Silly!! Ok,

We are here to make you money.

Here we learn about your requirements. We discuss with you your project and jolt it down, and then do our best to know about your industry, your competitors, and your customers.
At this pre-production stage we make a framework of your project. This is the basis for next 3 steps, so is very important. We make it sure that we dont miss out on a single point which would make your website a massive hit.
This is the first stage of production where theory becomes reality. We take all of the plans and switch on our computers for the design work. We send you designs to approve and tweak to make it sure that the final product is as you desired.
This is the last stage before your project becomes open to all. We code your website for users to enjoy it full heartedly.
We make your customers Addictive to your website so that they come back again and again and you make more and more of moolah!!

We've been working hard to impress you with our work. Its time to show off.

E-Commerce Website for an upcoming Online T-Shirt Brand.

Wedding Website in Flash for Abhyuday weds Sargam.

Static Website for Imprints.

Static Website for Grover Metalloys Ltd., a Mumbai based firm, manufacturing and trading Ferro Alloys.

3D Renders.